Dating old ink bottles

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Carter's Ink Cubes This is the place to be for old ink bottles from the early 1800s up to the 1960s.

Many of the bottles we have listed are strictly for the ink bottle collector.

Bottle measures 2.5 inches square and is 2.75 inches tall. 1980s, made by Hunt Speedball in Statesville, NC under license from ES Perry in England. Plastic screw on lid is embossed on top with the Speedball "S", small amount of ink in bottle.

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Spirits Bottles: Early bottles embossed or labeled with spirit names such as gin, whiskey, rum, bourbon, or rye are always of interest.Brands of particular interest include Hamms, Grain Belt, Minneapolis Brewing, Yoerg, Schmidt, Gluek, Schells, Pabst, or Best.Stoneware beers marked with names such as Alstadt, Nauer, or Stoeckert, or any other marked stoneware beers, are also of interest.Beer Bottles: Pre-Prohibition beer bottles (made prior to 1920), embossed or labeled, are always of interest.The bottle may be marked with the name of one of the thousands of beer brands from around the country.

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