Ryan phillippe dating demi lovato

It kind of threw her for a loop."But the reason for slowing things down with the former Mr.Reese Witherspoon wasn't all about the new baby, but also about Lovato's baby of her own.Lovato recently praised Jordin Sparks for her "beautiful" acoutic cover of 'Skycraper'.Rumors went wild this week that 18-year-old Demi Lovato was hooking up with 36-year-old Ryan Phillippe. Demi took to her Twitter last night to set the record straight, tweeting "Ladies and gentlement [sic], and also BLOG SITES - I. The promotion of her new single "Skyscraper" and video, which premiered last week on E!

There is a new story today that Ryan Phillippe and Demi Lovato are dating!Phillippe split with his girlfriend of seven months, Amanda Seyfried in June, while Lovato had a brief spell in rehab at the end of last year.Demi Lovato and Ryan Phillippe are a pretty unlikely pair, and while E! Last week, a source claimed that 18-year-old Lovato and 36-year-old Phillippe were "hot and heavy" for months, but their romance had cooled considerably following the birth of the actor's daughter Kai.Lovato was asked by reporters whether she is romantically involved with Phillippe at the HTC Status Phone Launch Party on Tuesday, prompting her to reply: "No.

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