Sophos on mac not updating

After installing MIT's version of Sophos Anti Virus for Mac, you will see a message that reads "Auto Update Is Not Configured" when clicking on the Sophos logo in the OS X menubar (to the left of the time). The correct Auto Update settings will be automatically pushed to your machine, from MIT's Sophos Enterprise Console, within 60 minutes of installation.

Because of the way Sophos has engineered its OS X product, there is nothing that can be done to hasten this process.

That's why we've dropped Defender from our list of free antivirus apps in this latest update of our free AV roundup. If you're not running advanced virus detection, zero-day virus protection, anti-malware, anti-ransomware and other security essentials, you're not doing it right.

Once again we've consulted the experts at to find the most effective virus protection, and we've listened to your comments regarding usability, too.

Moreover the cyber crime and malicious infections through Pop-ups, websites etc are making it more difficult and cautious for us to work upon PC and other digital devices.

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If the problem continues something is interrupting the download files and when sophos autoupdate checks the files it sees a problem with them.

Sophos Home (was Sophos Anti-Virus) protects up to 10 Mac and Windows computers from malware/viruses, malicious software, and inappropriate websites.

It uses the same award-winning Sophos technology that IT professionals trust to protect their business systems.

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